Detecting Elevated Body Temperature Using High-resolution Thermography

Company and shopping centre entrances, transport hubs and other public spaces are just a few examples where security measures such as the installation of infrared cameras helps to minimise the spread of dangerous infectious diseases.

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Already a large number of customers use a solution developed by InfraTec, which supports people screening and which can be used to efficiently detect elevated body temperatures. Consisting of a thermally and geometrically high-resolution infrared camera and the thermographic special software THERMAL-CHECK installed on a computer, this solution allows the non-contact and area-based detection of body temperature with high measurement accuracy in real time.

The thermographic temperature measurement is carried out at the inner eyelid angles as demonstrably the safest and most reliable method for thermal screening. A very high, algorithm-based accuracy of up to ± 0.3 K is achieved. This system allows the simultaneous screening of several people regardless of their height. In case of exceeding the pre-defined temperature threshold, an alarm is triggered immediately. Thus, temperature control points enable the acquisition of important information as a basis for decision-making for subsequent medical examinations of persons with elevated body temperatures and therefore serve to secure public areas.

InfraTec THERMAL-CHECK - Thermography health measurement