Industry Leader VarioCAM® High Definition Reaches the Next Level

How worthwhile the continuous work on a development can be is demonstrated by the current detector generation of the camera series VarioCAM® High Definition. The success model among the professional and universal cameras with uncooled microbolometer detectors is gaining in performance as well. The thermal resolution at 30 °C has improved from previously 0.03 K to now 0.02 K.

With progress in terms of these central camera parameters, the range of applications of the cameras has expanded once again. In all situations where users want to record extremely low temperature differences they can benefit from the increased sensitivity of the detectors. A realistic scenario for this is offered by the professional analysis of building insulation facades. Even the functional test of electrical and electronic components, such as the analysis of power lines of a substation, is included here. The same applies to non-destructive testing. In all these applications, better thermal sensitivity means that anomalies as an indication of potential problems stand out much more clearly. The resulting thermograms are characterised by clear, noiseless images of even the smallest details and offer an essential gain in information.

Illustration of a leaf with 0.03 K
Illustration of a leaf with 0.02 K