An Eye for Detail

MicroScan Significantly Increases the Geometrical Resolution Capability of the ImageIR® Camera Series

The ImageIR® camera series, InfraTec’s flagship, sets the capability standards for modern thermography cameras. The model series fortifies its status once again with the MicroScan function. For the first time this enables to quadruple the image format with a radiometric thermography camera with cooled FPA photon detector. Recorded images with up to (2,560 × 2,048) IR pixels (5.2 Megapixels) become possible.

Fast and efficient solution

Behind the function is an integrated, fastrotating MicroScan wheel. It ensures that four different individual exposures are taken per wheel revolution, which are offset laterally by half a pixel each. These individual exposures are brought together in real-time into a thermogram with quadruple image format. Each pixel in the image represents a genuine temperature measured value.

 The spatial oversampling causes a visible increase in image quality: The measurement objects are recorded on the extremely low-noise exposures with a very fine resolution, including measurements with static and dynamic character. As a result, MicroScan is suitable for accomplishing the most varied of measurement and inspection tasks, from microthermography to security applications.

A comparison of exposures of a circuit board show the improved resolution of MicroScan technology