Energiezentrale Forsthaus (EZF) in Bern

Early Fire Detection in Power Plants

The Energiezentrale Forsthaus (EZF) is a waste-to-energy plant of the city of Bern. Approximately 120,000 tons of waste are utilized here annually. The infrared monitoring system WASTE-SCAN from InfraTec is used for early fire detection on site.

The system comprises seven sensitive cameras with protective housings. "Two are fixed. We use them to monitor the feed hopper and shredder hole," explains Thomas Andres, head of plant operations at EZF. "The other cameras are equipped with pan/tilt heads and serve to secure the soft dirt bunker, two storage areas and the crane parking areas."

Some of these infrared cameras are combined with visual cameras referred to as a twin system. Combined with their electronically controlled pan/tilt heads, they offer the possibility of optimised area monitoring. Twin systems and individual cameras are divided into two separate asynchronous systems, each with its own computer and software architecture. This ensures maximum safety and reliability.

The infrared cameras are connected to the control and extinguishing systems of the fire alarm control panel via Profibus interfaces. Detecting a fire via cameras or other sensors automatically triggers an alarm, which is reported to the extinguishing system and activates a spray flood system. Thomas Andres does not need additional employees, who constantly keep an eye on the early fire detection system. "WASTE-SCAN runs automatically. Our two crane operators only check whether it is in operation."

Early fire detection with WASTE-SCAN monitoring system
Early Fire Detection in the Power Plant

Early Fire Detection in the Power Plant

Today's power and heating supply in the city of Bern is hardly imaginable without the Forsthaus energy centre (Energiezentrale Forsthaus – EZF). This power plant combines a refuse incineration plant (KVA) with a wood heating power plant and a combined gas‐steam power plant. The Swiss company relies on the WASTE‐SCAN infrared monitoring system from InfraTec for the early fire detection.

Waste bunker fire monitoring with WASTE-SCAN