Press Releases of InfraTec

  • Active thermography for non-destructive testing

    How Smart is Active Thermography?

    InfraTec presents opportunities for non-destructive testing

    In the presentation "Non-destructive testing by infrared thermography" Markus Glück will discuss the smooth interaction between thermal imagers,...

  • Building thermography with VarioCAM® High Defintion

    Construction Thermography at the Highest Level

    InfraTec provides a powerful combination of thermal imaging cameras and software

    The infrared cameras in the family VarioCAM® High Definition by InfraTec are the ideal tools for tasks in building thermography.

  • 10 GigE interface for camera series ImageIR®

    Dynamic IR Imaging

    New 10 GigE interface for the thermographic camera series ImageIR®

    Large-sized detectors are one of the vital components of high-resolution imaging when it comes to the capability of thermal imaging cameras. The new...

  • Detector LRM-254

    Great Potential Inside Small Dimensions

    InfraTec presents a miniaturized detector for the analysis of many gases

    Even smaller, even stronger – this is how we might describe the new LRM-254 detector by InfraTec in just a few words.

  • Non-Destructive testing of CFRP components with infrared infrared thermal imaging

    Non-Destructive Testing of CFRP Components

    Thermography as a method of quality assurance in the aerospace industry

    Non-destructive testing (NDT) through active and passive thermography has set new standards to test components and parts made of CFRP for strength...

  • InfraTec enhances Client Services in North American Markets - Picture Credits: © 33ft /

    InfraTec enhances Client Services in North American Markets

    Marketing of Thermography Systems Expanding

    The InfraTec offices in the United States are expanding their range of presence. Starting immediately, sales of thermography systems will be...