Press Releases of InfraTec

When looking for up-to-date news about InfraTec, you are in the right place. In addition to press releases, you will find the latest flyers on our products as well as case studies from our customers on the following pages. The InfraTec Newsletter provides you with an overview of developments in the infrared measurement technology division.

On request, we can also provide you with further photo and video material.

  • Portable Thermal Image System VarioVIEWTM 150

    Successful VarioVIEW Presentation at the 2009 Paris MILIPOL Exhibition

  • New single supply pyroelectric detectors

    New single supply pyroelectric detectors for 2.7 V operation

    InfraTec ( is committed to extend its product line of pyroelectric detectors by new, highly innovative components which perfectly fit...

  • Test system PV-LIT inline from InfraTec

    New test system PV-LIT inline from InfraTec

    The new fully automated PV-LIT inline test system is creating new benchmarks for routine tests during the production process for solar cells and...

  • New Pyroelectric detector in a compact TO39 package

    New Pyroelectric detector in a compact TO39 package offers three spectral channels for gas analysis

    NDIR gas analyzers frequently work according to the quotient method, where the test channel signal that depends on the concentration is based on a...

  • High-end Camera Series ImageIR®

    High-end Camera Series ImageIR®

    At the Hannover Fair Industry 2009, the thermography expert InfraTec GmbH from Dresden presented its newly developed high-end camera series ImageIR®...

  • VarioCAM® high resolution won one of the treasured gold medals

    Thermographic World News Wins Gold Medal

    At this year´s International Industrial Fair in Poznan (Poland) the expert for infrared thermography InfraTec presented the thermal camera VarioCAM®...