Press Releases of InfraTec

  • Pyroelectric detectors LIM-122 and LIM-222

    New pyroelectric IR-Detectors LIM-152 and LIM-252 as Performance-Upgrade for Gas analyzers

    The LIM-122 and LIM-222 dual-channel detectors have proven themselves for many years in the Gas Analysis market for InfraTec. Dual channel...

  • Portable Thermal Image System VarioVIEW™ 150

    Portable Thermal Image System VarioVIEW 150 of High Range for Non-military Security Tasks

    The Dresden based specialist for infrared measuring technology InfraTec GmbH presents a newly developed binocular thermal image system of the highest...

  • Spectrally Tunable Infrared Detector with a Micromechanical Fabry-Perot Filter

    Sensor Innovation Prize for Technology from Dresden

    InfraTec GmbH’s development of a “Spectrally Tunable Infrared Detector with a Micromechanical Fabry-Perot Filter” has just been awarded the “SENSOR...

  • New Thermography Software IRBIS® 3

    New Thermography Software IRBIS® 3 Yields Further Gain in Performance

    Apart from its innovative camera technology, such as the first mobile microbolometer thermography camera worldwide with megapixel resolution, InfraTec...

  • Thermographic camera VarioCAM® high resolution with 1.23 megapixel resolution

    InfraTec Presents World´s First Thermographic Camera with 1.23 Megapixel Resolution

    The specialist for infrared measurement solutions InfraTec presents VarioCAM® high resolution - the world´s first mobile thermographic camera with a...