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Customers of InfraTec choose infrared thermography as a measurement method for the development of new products, temperature triggered process automation and quality assurance. Today, well-known companies from all industries rely on our thermographic know-how in development and production. Universities, universities of applied sciences and institutes apply thermal imaging equipment supplied by InfraTec in teaching and research.

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Use of Pyroelectric Detectors in Practice

One advantage of pyroelectric detectors is the versatility of their applications. Detecting and analyzing gases and gas mixtures, investigating the material composition of organic and inorganic compounds, monitoring flames – all this is of great importance in a wide range of industries. Selected examples will help you to get to know some of the possible applications and, at best, to gain valuable ideas for solving your own measurement and testing tasks.

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Use of Thermography Systems in Practice

Well-known companies from all over the world use infrared thermography as a measurement method in the development of new products, temperature-controlled process automation and quality control. Universities, technical colleges and institutes use thermography systems from InfraTec for applications in science and education. The spectrum of reports in which our customers describe the concrete use of their cameras is correspondingly broad.

Excerpt from our Reference List

There are known companies and institutions from almost any industries and any fields of research. Upon your e-mail request, we will be pleased to send out detailed information material and, if desired, extracts from our list of testimonials by customers that are active in comparable fields of thermography application.

Partner of Research and Science

InfraTec expands its expertise in the field of thermography by participating in various research projects. This selection of projects illustrates which topics we are promoting and which partners we are working with, therefore.

Overview about Case Studies from Sensor Division

Gas sensor LY-NDIR by Haina including InfraTec detector LRM-284

InfraTec Detectors against Global Warming

Qingdao Laoying Haina Group uses infrared detectors to equip its self-developed devices for environmental gas analysis.

Measurement of photosynthesis in the field

Feeding the World

Studying plants to improve crop performance and yield. The global population is growing and current crop yield is not keeping up with this pace of growth.

InfraTec Sensor Division - Asclepion Laser - Picture credits: © / 1132827504 enes evren

Scars Fade Thanks to Laser Treatment

Diseases such as chickenpox and acne leave scars that can affect a person for a lifetime. Thanks to dermatological lasers, these can be removed gently and safely without anaesthesia or just with local anaesthetic, even from the face.

InfraTec Sensor Division - Measuring the breath alcohol concentration 1

A New Generation for Measuring Breath Alcohol

Alcohol is the most frequent cause of death in road traffic accidents and 20% of work-related accidents are caused by alcohol. According to the WHO, about three million people die worldwide each year from alcohol consumption – that is more than from AIDS, violence and road accidents combined.

InfraTec Sensor Division - Helicobacter - Picture credits: © / 482337236

Take a Deep Breath

Half of the world‘s population is infected with the bacterium. Thanks to Beijing Richen-Force Science & Technology, Helicobacter pylori can now be reliably detected.

Awite’s non-dispersive multi-gas sensor is suitable for biogas analysis due to lower drift rates and improved transverse sensitivity to other hydrocarbons

Energy Miracle with Natural DNA

What does your breakfast egg from the weekend, a cornfield and a large portion of french fries from a fast-food restaurant have in common? They all provide raw materials for a biogas plant. Substances such as egg shells, corn or potato peelings are decomposed there naturally under airtight sealing. The result is an energy-rich and extremely versatile product – biogas.

Prototype for respiratory gas analysis of Geratherm Respiratory GmbH’

Health Care in One Breath

„Please strip to the waist.“ Medical examinations still frequently begin with this sentence. Still. This sentence could very soon be: „Please breathe out strongly.“ For research in the field of respiratory gas measurement systems are making considerable progress. The aim is clear: To make the diagnosis of illnesses easier and painless.

Cannabis Analyzer supports analysis of medically relevant substances of cannabis

Smells Like Medicine

Cannabis serves as a basis for oils, fragrances, clothing, intoxicants – and as a medicine. Already several thousand years ago the Chinese used it as a remedy against rheumatism. Nowadays, researchers worldwide are again dealing with the medical use of the plant. Infrared sensors provide answers to the question of which type contains which active ingredients.

Overview about Case Studies from Measurement Division

Failure Analysis on Electronic Components | ©BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

Thermography on the Trail of the Fault

Today, thermographic damage and function analysis of electronic components is an established test method in electrical engineering. This method is also used for research purposes at the Institute for Electrical Systems and Energy Logistics at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. In this context, Prof. Dr. Ralph Schacht is intensively involved with the material and system characterisation as well as the non-destructive failure analysis of printed circuit boards, electronic components, microelectronics as well as composite systems of packaging and interconnection technology. 

InfraTec & KWS Saat - Thermography in Plant Research ©KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA

The Seeds of the Future

Environmental conditions today often tend towards extremes. Many areas are very humid and wet, while others are predominantly dry. Particularly in the second case, cultivating raw materials such as grain, beet or maize is a challenge. A challenge that KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA is facing. As part of its plant research, the company uses the VarioCAM® HD head 900 infrared camera from InfraTec to analyse the behaviour of plants during drought stress and pest infestation.

InfraTec & Highland Helicopters - Aerial Fire Mapping ©Highland Helicopters Dunedin, New Zealand

Catching Fire – Aerial Fire Mapping

Wildfires are a permanent threat for several regions around the world – and the global climate change is adding to the number and severity of these events. Fighting them is a huge challenge, strong winds, heat and inaccessibility make it even more difficult and dangerous for those who risk their life to protect others. One approach to tackle wildfires is the usage of airborne fire mapping. Highland Helicopters is a service company which added this task to their portfolio, as wildfires on New Zealand´s South Island happened right at their front door. On board is the VarioCAM® HD head 800 from InfraTec.

Thermal Micro Actuators for Nanotechnologies

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) offer a wide range of possible applications in the field of nanotechnology. Everyday examples are the position recognition of mobile phones and the use in airbags, digital cameras or pacemakers. Other applications can be found above all in the field of miniaturised medical diagnostics. Growing demands on miniaturisation affect both the system solutions required for this and the sensors and control elements to be developed.

InfraTec Thermography Success Story: CAU Kiel

Power Electronics – Efficient Control of the Futures Energy

The energy efficiency of electronic components is becoming increasingly important in numerous fields of application. And that is not all: in our electronic and high-tech age, the demand is for even faster active components, higher power densities of miniaturised systems as well as absolute reliability. Along with this, there is the request for environmentally conscious resource procurement and the requirement that the increase in performance of modules should run parallel to lower energy consumption.

InfraTec WUN Bioenergie Woodpelletstorage

Fire Protection in Wood Pellet Storage

Wood pellets as an alternative and high-quality fuel have become increasingly important in recent years. Their local origin from sustainable cultivation in the region has given WUN Bioenergie GmbH the opportunity to respond to market demand as an environmentally friendly supplier of raw materials. However, like other fuels, stored wood pellets need to be secured and monitored around the clock to prevent causes of devastating damage in the event of a fire, for example. Robust and reliable thermography solutions are a suitable tool for plant protection here.

InfraTec - WASTE-SCAN ARC Copenhagen - © ARC amager ressource center

Early Fire Detection in Incineration Plant

The Amager Resource Center (ARC) is a waste incinerator like no other. From the roof of the Waste to Energy facility, skiers and snowboarders wind their way down on green plastic mats from a height of about 80 meters, even in the summer. The city hall of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, is just five kilometres away. The location, which is almost in the heart of a European capital, as well as its use as a public leisure centre, shows how much confidence operators place in the safety of the ARC. An important component in the security concept is the WASTE-SCAN infrared monitoring system for early fire detection by InfraTec.

InfraTec - Process Monitoring During Open‐die Forging

Process Monitoring During Open‐die Forging

Anyone who wants to produce curved or twisted steel and aluminium components, can rely on bending forging nowadays. Components with complex geometries can now be manufactured by means of this incremental forging variant.

InfraTec ZMS Müllkraftwerk Schwandorf Twin System Waste Bunker

WASTE-SCAN Against "Black Clouds"

Many tons of waste are bunkered and processed every day in waste recycling plants. It is not uncommon for this to contain highly flammable materials. If ignition sources get into this storage area, for example during delivery, there is an acute risk of fire. Therefore, waste incineration plants are subject to the strictest fire protection requirements in order to prevent endangering the environment and local residents. For this reason, an extremely important preventive measure is the permanent monitoring of the waste bunker and, if necessary, the surrounding areas.

Determining heat transfer coefficients at Leibniz University Hannover

Infrared Thermography for Determining Heat Transfer Coefficients

Technical systems and devices are often subject to the influence of thermal energy or heat up due to internal processes. Their efficiency and service life can be increased, for example, by optimised thermal management. The installed active components are usually optimised extensively for this purpose. Passive components, on the other hand, are often neglected in this respect.

Nyxus Bird in Use by Border Guards

Nyxus Bird in Use by Border Guards

Since the end of 2010, the “Arab Spring” has significantly changed the political situation in some countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East. The related political and social upheavals had been initiated in Tunisia. To support the fragile democracy in a politically controversial area of conflict – located next door to countries like Libya and Algeria – the German Federal Foreign Office started to establish a governmental relief program for the Tunisian security authorities.

Monitoring the Surface Temperature on Curing Epoxy Resin Samples - Picture credits: © AdobeStock / wichientep

Monitoring the Surface Temperature on Curing Epoxy Resin Samples

Epoxy resin systems are mostly used as a matrix material in fibre composites. In a variety of manufacturing processes, the corresponding resin system is processed in a flowable state. The material only acquires its rigidity in a subsequent curing process. This is characterized by an exothermic chemical reaction with a pronounced temperature dependence.

InfraTec Uni Bayreuth - Analysis of the Thermal Conductivity

Analysis of the Thermal Conductivity in Nano- and Mesostructured Polymer Systems

New materials with precisely controlled optical and thermal transport characteristics can make a large contribution to resource-saving thermal management. Scientists of the University of Bayreuth are pursuing this vision. They use infrared thermography to quantitatively determine thermal conductivity in nano- and mesostructured polymer materials.

Inline Process Control for Quality Assurance of Weld Seams - TU Ilmenau

Inline Process Control for Quality Assurance of Weld Seams

Miscellaneous welding tasks in steel constructions currently have a low degree of automation, resulting in a high amount of manual work and employee-dependent quality levels. As part of the 3dStahl collaborative project, a 6-axis robot, equipped with a welding machine, was attached upside down to a wall-to-wall wire rope hoist kinematics system in order to automate joining processes involving small quantities or even individual parts such as large-scale objects (lock gates, bridges).

Inspection of district heating pipelines using thermography

Inspection of District Heating Pipelines Using Thermography

District heating is generally regarded as an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly form of energy supply. Based on industrial waste heat or renewable energy sources, it offers the possibility of heating water and thus supplying private, commercial and industrial customers. Netze Duisburg GmbH is doing to control the city's entire district heating network supported by InfraTec infrared cameras.

Hochschule Aalen - Laser soldering

High-speed Thermography in Laser High-temperature Capillary Gap Brazing

Lasers are extremely versatile tools in industry and manufacturing technology. Due to their flexibility, they serve as a key technology for implementing the goals of industry 4.0. Although laser cutting and welding are nowadays regarded as turnkey technologies, the majority of laser applications, for example joining of hybrid materials, 3D printing or ultra-short pulse processing, still require considerable research and development.

Thermographic Analysis of a Fusion Plant - Divertor

Monitoring Plasma at Wendelstein 7-X

What will the energy supply of the future look like? The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald is dealing with this question.

Early fire detection with WASTE-SCAN monitoring system

Early Fire Detection in the Power Plant

Today's power and heating supply in the city of Bern is hardly imaginable without the Forsthaus energy centre (Energiezentrale Forsthaus – EZF). This power plant combines a refuse incineration plant (KVA) with a wood heating power plant and a combined gas‐steam power plant. The Swiss company relies on the WASTE‐SCAN infrared monitoring system from InfraTec for the early fire detection.

Thermography InfraTec CWD wind turbines testing

Precise MN·m Torque Measurement in Wind Turbine Test Benches

The generation of electricity power produced by wind turbines is expanding worldwide. This development is associated directly with an increasing demand to test the product reliability, functionality and life durability of wind turbine subsystems like the drive train.

ARAMIS system from GOM - Picture credits: GOM GmbH

Combination of Digital Image Correlation and Thermographic Measurements

The combination of measuring results from the digital image correlation (ARAMIS, DIC) and temperature measuring data from infrared cameras permits the simultaneous analysis of the thermal and mechanical behavior of test specimens in the materials and components testing field.

Laser welding at Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. - Picture credits: © / emituu

Thermography in CFRP Processing

Many new systems operate at very high laser intensity levels and consequently require close control of thermal processes. This is achieved by the use of infrared thermography which is both contact-less and provides imagery.

Nickel‐titanium Wires in Tension Test - Picture credits: © / tunart

Nickel-titanium wires in tension test

How do solid materials change structurally? The engineers Prof. Stefan Seelecke and Marvin Schmidt from Saarland University investigate this fundamental question in materials research. Both consider this topic with the help of microthermography. Their cutting-edge basic research ensures that we will have even more energy-efficient electric devices to use at home in future.

thermal imaging for climate research

Thermography for Climate Research

Climate research is one of the most exposed types of academic research these days. With the continuous discussion about extreme weather events and long-term implications of human-made climate factors the related science has become a part of everyone´s daily life.

Tire Inspection with Thermal Imaging - Picture Credits: © Vladimir Melnik /

Tire Inspection with Thermography

Mechanically stressed car components like tires are a continuous issue for quality inspection and related R&D improvements. At Bridgestone Corporation in Hofu (Yamaguchi prefecture in South-Western Japan) new test procedures for off-the-road tires for construction and mining vehicles (OR tires) had to be developed to meet the literally growing scale of performance concerning the carrying capacity.

Quality Assurance with Active Thermography

Quality Assurance with Active Thermography

Non-destructive testing methods are becoming increasingly more important in the industry. One reason is that they cost much less than other test methods. As a very elegant method, the active heat flow thermography method is now firmly established as a powerful method of non-contact and non-destructive testing of products of different manufacturing technologies.

Using Thermal Imaging for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines - Picture Credits: © visdia /

Thermography for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines

Due to the decreasing number of suitable locations for wind turbines and the increasing push towards renewable energy sources, new activities have been introduced to improve the efficiency of rotor blades for wind turbines.

Thermal Stress Analysis of Metals

Thermal Stress Analysis of Metals

Stress changes during tensile testing provide information about material properties of metals such as tensile strength. With the help of thermographic cameras metallic solid bodies can be tested for such stress changes.

Inverter with loaded components to forecast their lifecycle - picture credits: @ / Mordolff

Thermographic Microscopy in Electronics

At the same time that the performance of electronic components is being driven ever higher the demand for thermal management at ever smaller scales is also occurring.

Infrared thermal imaging applications at “Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig (KuZ)“ - Picture credits: © / aquatarkus

Thermography at Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig

With infrared thermography, absolute temperatures, temperature distributions and relative temperature changes can be measured and tracked within dynamic conditions. 

Vehicle-Bound Mobile Surveillance Solution

Thermal Vehicle-bound Mobile Surveillance Solution

2012 marked an important milestone for the Eastern European Countries of Poland and the Ukraine – the jointly rganized UEFA European Football Championship 2012. While this kind of events generate a wide public attraction there are certain background activities which contribute to a seamless progress significantly: Security and logistics are two core tasks to be handled by the relevant local authorities. 

Ladle Hot Spot Detection by InfraTec - Picture Credits: © / kot63

Automatic Ladle Monitoring

A ladle typically contains up to 290 tonnes of hot, liquid steel when it is transporting the melted good to the continuous caster. Ladle-temperature measurements with contact-free infrared thermography are an ideal basis for the early detection of impending breakage.

Thermography in quality assurance with PRESS-CHECK - Picture credits: © / 3alexd

Thermography in Quality Assurance with PRESS-CHECK

Quality assurance and process enhancement is essential to complex industrial processes. Leading businesses rely on certified quality management, to allow for matters of quality and environmental sustainability even during the early stages of manufacturing development. In co‐operation with a leading automotive supplier, InfraTec GmbH enhanced the automated thermography monitoring solution PRESS‐CHECK to inspect the product quality of press hardening with an accuracy of 100 %.

Thermography in Electronics Development - Picture credits: © / Jimmyan

Thermography in Electronics Development

At Delphi’s laboratory plant “Test & Validation Services”, thermography is used for design and product validation as part of quality assurance. Therewith, a stable hardware basis is set for integrating new technologies in motor vehicles that again present a substantial contribution to traffic safety.

InfraTec thermography reference - Thermal Ceramics - Picture credits: © / JazzIRT

Thermography for Insulation Checks

All kind of hot industrial processes need to be contained well to allow the process itself to go on and at the same time to protect neighbouring installations and employees working there. Thermography helps to detect weak points and provides first indications for necessary repairs.

Thermography for Quality Assurance: Testing of turbine blades for gas turbine power plants / Picture credits: © Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG

Thermography for Quality Assurance with

Today gas and steam turbine power plants by the SIEMENS AG are more than ever complex high-tech products. Heavily stressed parts like the turbine blades are tested with the latest measurement techniques for example with infrared thermography.

Study of bats - Picture credits: © / fermate

Thermography for Environmental Studies

In order to protect bat populations firstly their ecology has to be understood but it can be very difficult to study the small, nocturnal mammals in the wild. Infrared thermography offers solutions to many of the problems faced by bat ecologists.

Cell defects and disruptions

Thermographic Photovoltaics Testing

Like for all electrical devices, solar cells and modules need to be maintained especially as they are located outdoors. Infrared thermo-graphy offers the possibility to localize and classify problems fast and also with a high accuracy.

Thermography for Building Inspections - Picture credits: © Pexels / Felix Lauster

Thermography for Building Inspections

ARCHIMEDES Facility-Management GmbH uses its infrared camera predominantly for revisions and securing of quality standards during the construction phase of newly erected buildings and the refurbishment of older buildings. Thereby the detection of construction faults like thermal bridges, poor insulations or air leakages plays a major role.

Thermography in Process Automation - Isabellenhuette

Thermography in Process Automation

The company Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG has identified this potential at an early stage and uses infrared thermography for the quality assurance of their low resistance precision resistors.

thermography Reference - Thermography for Health - Picture credits: © / SARINYAPINNGAM

Thermography for Health

With the use of a thermometer only an indication of a spot temperature can be obtained. Infrared thermography provides the complete picture, non-invasive temperature measurement of the complete body part.

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Material testing, stress test with thermal cameras from InfraTec - Picture credits: © iStock / kimtaro
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Contactless and Non-Destructive Stress Analysis with Thermography

You would like to know more about the advantages of thermography for thermo-elastic stress analysis? Then join the free InfraTec online event "Contactless and Non-Destructive Stress Analysis with Thermography".

InfraTec Webinar: Micro-Thermography: Contactless Temperature Measurement in the Micrometer Scale
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Micro-Thermography: Contactless Temperature Measurement in the Micrometer Scale

Thermal optimisation of the assembly process and components is a central issue in the development of new products. The temperature distribution of energised PCBs and individual components can be analysed very well by using powerful thermal imaging systems, while hotspots can be tracked in the image area at the same time. Learn more about micro-thermography as a contactless temperature measurement in the micrometer scale.

InfraTec Webinar: Optimising Additive Manufacturing Technologies Using Thermography - Picture credits: © / nordroden
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Optimising Additive Manufacturing Technologies Using Thermography

Additive manufacturing has become a standard technology already. But with the demand for increasing resistance of the manufactured parts and the focus on metals, there are still some challenges additive manufacturing faces. Thermography as contactless measuring solution contributes to meet them.

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