Thermography-based OEM Solutions for Industrial Use

Due to their modular basic concept, InfraTec thermography systems can be configured with such flexibility that they can be integrated easily into existing system environments as OEM solutions. In this context, integrators benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Application-specific customisability of the systems due to high modularity
  • Accumulated competence of more than 30 years of experience in the application of thermography systems in complex customer-specific measurement and monitoring tasks
  • Variable interfaces for automation and image processing PCs, compatible with industrial standards such as 10 GigE, GeniCam, GigE Vision and CAMLink
  • Fast integration into existing systems through powerful SDK (Software Development Kit) and excellent support
  • Long-term availability of systems ensures the sustainability of investments
  • InfraTec as reliable partner for development, delivery and service

Infrared Thermography – A Smart Temperature Measurement Method with Enormous Potential

Thermal imaging is a passive imaging method for contactless temperature measurement. It uses the fact that every object with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15 °C) emits electromagnetic radiation. The focal plane array infrared detector of the thermographic camera, which is equipped with individual elements arranged in a matrix, uses an optical system to capture the intensity distribution of the radiation emission from the measurement object over a large area. The camera converts the radiation intensities into measured temperature values for each individual pixel of the radiometric thermal image. This results not only in a few temperature readings from individual measurement points, as for example in the case of using thermocouples and pyrometers, but also in hundreds of thousands to millions of temperature readings that are completely distributed over the measurement object.

As a pyrometric optical temperature measurement method, thermography has a lot of special features that distinguishes it from conventional technical temperature measurement with contacting sensors: contactless, nonreactive thermographic temperature measurement can be conducted from a distance with very short response times. It can be used on moving measurement objects and can be used on live sources and encapsulated measurement objects behind protective windows. Lenses with different fields of view can be used to adapt to the geometry of the measurement object and the measurement points. This allows this temperature measurement method to be used for microscopic small details in the micrometer range as well as for objects that may be kilometres away.

In principle, thermographic cameras can measure object temperatures in a range from far below room temperature up to more than 3,000 °C with absolute accuracies in the percentage range. However, real measurement objects and measurement environments usually require a high degree of expertise and experience in design, setup and, if necessary, error compensation of thermographic measurement arrangements.

The visualization of images, also known as thermograms recorded by thermographic cameras, can be performed in different ways. Best known are gray value or so-called false colour representations, in which each temperature value is assigned a gray level or a certain colour. Therefore, the user can get a very clear overview of the temperature distribution on the measurement object and immediately detect anomalies such as hotspots and discontinuities, which can indicate hidden faults for example. Another important feature is the ability of thermographic cameras to depict rapid changes in temperature or temperature distributions: Thermographic sequences, which can be captured in full frame mode at frame rates of up to several hundred hertz and in subwindow modes up to several kilohertz, allow temporal resolutions down to the submillisecond range. This ability ensures the user to record temporal profiles of thermal processes in detail for a better understanding, and if necessary to optimise them.

A special field, the so-called active thermography is utilising these capabilities to make hidden defects in specimens like cracks, blowholes and delamination visible by the help of mainly artificial temperature changes in a non-destructive way.

Due to their modern variable interfaces, our thermographic cameras can be used easily for process optimisation and quality assurance in almost all fields of industrial metrology and image processing. Based on thermal images and sequences it becomes obvious if the manufacturing process is running within defined parameters or deviations will occur. As a result, product quality increases while costs decrease.

Infrared Camera Series ImageIR® – Best Performance for Highest Demands

The ImageIR® camera series is the perfect solution for users who want to combine extremely flexible camera technology with maximum thermal sensitivity, accuracy, spatial resolution and measurement speed.

  • InfraTec-icon-detector-1920x1536
    Detector Format

    Geometrical resolution with detector formats up to (1,920 x 1,536) IR pixels

  • InfraTec-icon-therm-15mK
    Thermal Resolution

    Highest thermal resolution up to < 0.015 K

  • InfraTec-icon-10-gige
    10 GigE Interface

    10 GigE real-time interface for lossless image storage directly at connected PC

  • InfraTec-icon-trigger
    Internal Trigger Interface

    Precise synchronisation with down to 10 ns jitter and 1 µs delay

Infrared Camera Series VarioCAM® High Definition – Compact, Rugged and Extremely versatile

For tasks where an uncooled microbolometer camera can be used, the VarioCAM® HD camera series will be the right choice. Robust and extremely versatile, these camera models deliver outstanding image quality and high measurement accuracy. Detector formats up to (1,024 × 768) IR pixels enable thermal analyses of microstructures in the micrometer range. With our unique opto-mechanical MicroScan unit even images with up to (2,048 × 1,536) IR pixels are feasible.

  • InfraTec-icon-detector-1024x768
    Detector format

    High-end detectors with up to (1,024 x 768) IR pixels

  • InfraTec-icon-microscan-2048x1536

    Opto-mechanical MicroScan for images and sequences with up to (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels

  • InfraTec-icon-therm-groesser-gleich-20mk
    Thermal Resolution

    Thermal resolution up to 0.02 K

  • InfraTec-icon-motorfocus
    Motor Focus

    Precise, remote-controllable and fast focusing

Advantages of Working with InfraTec

OEM Solutions from InfraTec - Integration
OEM Solutions from InfraTec - Interfaces

Easy Integration in a Direct Way

Regardless of the specific application, the decisive factor for OEM partners is, how easily the system can be integrated into the existing environment. InfraTec’s powerful SDK offers best conditions for a convenient integration:

  • Recording of real-time thermographic data in various adjustable formats (temperature data in Kelvin, 16-bit digital values, 32-bit bitmap, 8-bit data)
  • Real-time calculation of temperature values in °C as well as relevant characteristic values such as minimum, maximum, mean value and standard deviation
  • Operation, control and parameterisation of the thermographic camera via remote access
  • Optional connections for the development environments MathWorks, LabVIEW and MATLAB
  • Software development is being conducted at InfraTec's headquarters in Germany

Interfaces for Camera Control and Data Transmission

State-of-art interfaces enable reliable camera control and data acquisition even over very long distances. All InfraTec thermographic cameras are equipped with GigE Vision and industrial GigE compatible interfaces. Alternatively, 10 GigE interfaces can be used. These enable high-speed data transmission at ten times faster transmission speed. Fibre optic versions allow data transmission with high electromagnetic immunity and over extremely long distances in addition. Alternatively, CAMLink interfaces are available for ImageIR® models, too.

Depending on the respective camera model, the following interfaces can be selected:

  • 10 GigE / GigE
  • CAMLink / DualCAMLink

To ensure that the protection degree of the cameras is maintained even under harsh operating conditions, the connections at our VarioCAM® High Definition are equipped with LEMO® plug connectors that maintain that level of protection.

OEM Solutions from InfraTec - Protection housing

Reliable Protection Even in Harsh Industrial Environments

An indicator of a thermographic camera durability is always its housing. Therefore, InfraTec attaches great importance to high standards. Closed housings made of high-tensile aluminium alloys with a degree of protection up to IP67 guarantee such standards. Thus, the sensitive sensors and electronics remain protected at all times, even when used in harsh industrial environments.

Suitable protective housings, for example made of stainless steel, are available for applications under extreme environmental conditions. Optionally equipped with cooling and heating, certain models are also certified according to ATEX directives.

First-class Service Ensures High System Availability

From the idea for an OEM solution to the subsequent 24/7 continuous operation of a complete thermographic system, the path leads through numerous stages. InfraTec accompanies integrators from the first step, conducts feasibility studies, develops and produces OEM solutions in cooperation with its partners. Experienced engineers from the in-house service department support users in their daily work with the system and ensure its maintenance.

Our Services in Detail

  • Multilingual expert support by qualified engineers
  • 24-hour hotline
  • Rental service for cameras and further equipment
  • Stock of cameras to cover temporarily shortages
  • Short service processing times
  • Calibration in our own laboratory

Selection of Possible Applications for OEM

  • Automation of industrial processes such as quality control and assurance, process control and monitoring, production monitoring
  • Non-destructive testing such as locating defects in joints and evaluating thermal cutting and spraying processes
  • Active thermography such as lock-in and pulse-phase thermography for failure detection in assembly and electronic components
  • Temperature monitoring at absorbers of solar tower power plants
  • Security applications such as border protection, object surveillance and SAR missions

Gimbal Systems for Helicopter Mounting

InfraTec offers various infrared camera systems for fixed mount use in airplanes as well as for integration into precision gimbals. Thereby, the infrared camera can be exactly positioned within a µrad range to track automatically. A handy remote control allows for camera operation directly via the control of the gimbal.

Gimbals, or gyro-stabilized platforms, have been used for many years as very effective systems for airborne thermography in the inspection of high-voltage power lines, pipelines and industrial plants, as well as in the search for energy and material pollution.

Due to their high-precision stabilization, images of distant objects can be accurately captured despite movement of the airborne vessel carrying the gimbal. Integrated into the gimbal are cameras for both, the visible (visual camera) and in the infrared spectrum (infrared camera), a laser rangefinder and laser target designators.

Gimbal for helicopter mount
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