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Accessories for our Infrared Cameras

You are working with one of InfraTec's infrared camera systems. On purchasing this infrared camera, you received comprehensive advice and the best solution has been offered to you. In case of new thermographic challenges, you can make use of InfraTec's flexible application solutions by adding equipment to your thermographic camera for its usage in new fields of applications.

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Comprehensive Thermography Evaluation Software for Efficient Operation

The software family IRBIS® 3, which was developed by InfraTec, is part of a complete system of the camera series ImageIR®. The comfortable and professional thermography software IRBIS® 3 professional offers a wide range of analysis- and editing tools to analyse sophisticated thermal investigations. The combination of ImageIR® together with the professional thermographic software meets all requirements that are set as standard for efficient high-performance tools for thermographic investigations.

Analysis Software of Software Family IRBIS® 3

Calibration of Infrared Camera Systems

Infrared cameras are highly sensitive measurement devices which have to undergo specific calibration procedures on their manufacturing process. Thus, InfraTec is able to provide highest resolutions and measurement accuracy for each of its cameras. Due to environmental effects and the consistent influence of infrared radiation onto the camera's detector, a change of the camera's measuring behaviour is likely to happen throughout time. Here, recalibration provides a remedy.

Consult our experts and send us information on your infrared camera for its recalibration:

InfraTec Service Calibration Rig
InfraTec Service - Technical Support

Thermography - Technical Support

You have got technical problems with your infrared camera or the additional software? In order to support you as soon as possible, please give us some information on your thermographic system and your specific problem. We call you back as soon as possible.

If you have already received feedback from one of our service engineers, it might be useful to establish a connection to your computer in order to locate any errors as soon as possible. Should our service engineer ask you to start our programme TEAMVIEWER, please download the TEAMVIEWER client.

Quick Support

Spontaneous Meeting

Please start the TEAMVIEWER programme and provide the displayed ID number to our service engineer. Following, a connection to your computer will be established which you can disconnect at any time.

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You have already opted for a thermography system from InfraTec tailored to your requirements, but your budget is not available yet? InfraTec offers you customised concepts for rental and financing that meet your needs and financial conditions.

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