Automated Solutions from InfraTec

Automated thermography solutions from InfraTec provide you with reliable knowledge about even the smallest temperature developments and distributions. Over 30 years of thermal imaging experience and more than 6,000 satisfied customers confirm our competence in this field. 

Regardless of how diverse your task is, a thermography automation solution from InfraTec allows you to master the challenge efficiently and cost-effectively. Our proven modular system, consisting of a thermographic camera, transmission, display, interface, industrial PC and software components allows flexible adaptation to your specific requirements.

The core of the turnkey thermography automation solutions are our innovative, robust thermal imaging cameras with detector formats up to (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels and frame rates into the kilohertz range. In conjunction with our modular hardware and software system, you receive tailored solutions for virtually all fields of industry and research. 

Thermographic Automation Solutions from InfraTec

Industrial Automation by InfraTec - Picture Credits: © / gerenme
Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

With contactless temperature measurement you monitor temperature-critical processes efficiently and safely and control the quality of your products automatically.

Non Destructive Testing - Picture Credits: © RAM /
Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

In future, you will detect defects in materials and material combinations quickly and reliably by means of heat flow thermography.

Steel Production
Steel Production and Steel Processing

Steel Production and Steel Processing

Thanks to state-of-the-art thermographic cameras you minimise production losses during production of high-grade steel even under adverse operating conditions.

Observation and Investigation - Picture Credits: © / BrettCharlton
Observation and Investigation

Observation and Investigation

Monitor buildings and open spaces with automated thermography solutions, for example, against unauthorised intrusion or for early fire detection.

The Software Toolbox for Your Automation Solution

Solar Power Tower Check - Software Master Main Display

InfraTec's automated thermography solutions provide reliable measurement data. InfraTec developed a special automation software so that these can be analyzed and evaluated by users in a useful way. With extensive analysis and configuration options, the software can be precisely adapted to the individual requirements of the measurement situation and integrated into existing system environments. The application-specific user interface can be operated intuitively.

  • Flexible integration into the local system structure via universal interfaces and bus systems
  • Comprehensive representation of results
  • Reliable alarm release at defined pre and main alarm limits
  • Customised system alignment and adjustment
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Would You Like to Know More?

It is not unusual for tasks to be associated with special requirements. Discuss your specific application needs with our specialists, receive further technical information or learn more about our additional services.


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Case Studies for Automated Solutions

Early fire detection with WASTE-SCAN monitoring system
Further information about early fire detection in the power plant

Early Fire Detection in the Power Plant

Today's power and heating supply in the city of Bern is hardly imaginable without the Forsthaus energy centre (Energiezentrale Forsthaus – EZF). This power plant combines a refuse incineration plant (KVA) with a wood heating power plant and a combined gas‐steam power plant. The Swiss company relies on the WASTE‐SCAN infrared monitoring system from InfraTec for the early fire detection.

Thermography in quality assurance with PRESS-CHECK - Picture credits: © / 3alexd
Quality and Precision Control of Press Hardening – PRESS-CHECK

Thermography in Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and process enhancement is essential to complex industrial processes. Leading businesses rely on certified quality management, to allow for matters of quality and environmental sustainability even during the early stages of manufacturing development. In co‐operation with a leading automotive supplier, InfraTec GmbH enhanced the automated thermography monitoring solution PRESS‐CHECK to inspect the product quality of press hardening with an accuracy of 100 %.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • InfraTec systems have proved effective in practice, are robust and have been designed for continuous industrial operation.
  • Professional thermographic technology from Germany guarantees you maximum system availability.
  • You can choose from a range of very compact microbolometer cameras up to cooled high-end cameras with focal plane array photon detectors featuring highest detectivity of (320 × 240) to (1,920 × 1,536) IR pixels and a frame rate of up to 25,000 Hz.
  • The modular system design offers variability at the highest level and at a good cost-performance ratio.
  • Your specific requirements determine the subsequent implementation.
  • Extensive feasibility studies guarantee the lasting success of your investment.
  • Modern interface concepts enable reliable camera control, data acquisition and online data evaluation even over extremely long distances.
  • Experienced project engineers support you with the professional installation and commissioning at your premises. 
InfraTec service
Comprehensive Service from InfraTec

Comprehensive Service

Our Company’s own service department accompanies you even with complex automation solutions far beyond the actual sale. In the event of malfunctions, your enquiry is forwarded directly to the employees via a hotline. By remote maintenance, you will receive an initial diagnosis. Together with you, we analyse the cause of the problem and quickly find a solution.

InfraTec Service - Technical Support
InfraTec Service – Technical Support

InfraTec Service – Technical Support

For more than 30 years, InfraTec has been implementing thermographic solutions with partners worldwide. Based on this wealth of experience, a thorough analysis of the initial situation is one of the first steps in cooperation. We prepare feasibility analyses and advise you on the planning of your future thermographic system. Afterwards, you will receive an offer adapted to your specific requirements.

Thermography trainings
Training of your Employees

Training of your Employees

In our training centre in Dresden, you can attend practical thermography training courses. After the transfer of the turnkey system, upon request qualified employees of our service team will introduce you step by step to your automation solution and instruct future users on your premises.

Camera protective housing for infrared cameras by InfraTec
Wide Range of Protective Housings

Wide Range of Protective Housings

The InfraTec product range includes numerous protective housings. The all-weather and robust metal housings allow the use of the thermographic cameras in harsh environments and protect against mechanical stress, dust and splash water. Depending on requirements, users can also choose ATEX-certified protective housings that can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

InfraTec camera equipment
Ask for your suitable accessories

InfraTec IR Camera Equipment

InfraTec offers high-quality accessories for all camera series. This allows users to flexibly adapt their camera to changing test and measurement environments and optimize it for daily indoor and outdoor use. The corresponding components are specially designed for the corresponding model and open up new possibilities – for current applications and new tasks.

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