Classification of the infrared spectral range into bands is not clearly defined. The technical applications of NDIR gas analysis, flame spectroscopy and pyrometry often use the subdivision of NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and FIR. The CIE (International Commission on Illumination) and DIN 5031-7 propose a division into bands IR-A, IR-B and IR-C.

Description German
according to
Near-infraredNIRNIRIR-A0.78 ... 1.4
Near-infraredNIRSWIRIR-B1.4 ... 3.0
Midwave-infraredMIRMWIRIR-C3.0 ... 8.0
Midwave-infraredMIRLWIRIR-C8.0 ... 15.0 (50.0)
Far-infraredFIRFIRIR-C15.0 (50.0) ... 1,000.0
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Electromagnetic Spectrum

Pyroelectric detectors by InfraTec are particularly good in metrology, especially in the mid-infrared range, but can also be used for laser applications in UV (eg. 193 nm) and in the range of extreme infrared radiation (Terahertz).

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The fundamental frequencies of the absorption bands for many gases can be found in the mid-infrared range of 2.5 to 13 µm. By determining the characteristic radiation absorption by thermal sensors (pyroelectric detectors and thermopile), gases such as CO2, CO, NOX, ozone and hydrocarbons (alkanes, halogenated aromatic, refrigerant) can be identified and quantified. Use of attenuated total reflection (ATR – attenuated total reflection) enables measurement of gases in liquid media. By detecting typical gas emissions in the MIR, which result in a fire, flames can be detected very safely and reliably over long distances (Flame Detector, Tripel IR, IR3).

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InfraTec offers five different product groups including approximately 50 standard pyroelectric detectors. Choose your suitable infrared detectors with the help of our detailed detector search.

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