Single Channel Detectors

Type LIE, LIM: Detectors with standard design
LME, LMM: Detectors with reduced microphonic effect
LRE, LRM: Detectors with micromechanical frame
LFP: Detectors with tunable Fabry‐Pérot filter
Housing TO18, TO46: 5.4 mm in diameter
TO5, TO39: 9.2 mm in diameter
TO8: 15.2 mm in diameter
The number following the hyphen indicates the number of pins.
Channel Number of measuring channels
Aperture (mm) Size of the circular or rectangular aperture through which radiation hits the sensitive elements.
Operating modes Size of the circular or rectangular aperture through which radiation hits the sensitive elements.
JFET/OpAmp Integrated signal condition like integrated junction field effect transistors (JFET) for detectors in voltage mode or integrated operational amplifiers (OpAmp) for detectors in current mode.
Thermal Compensation A pyroelectric detector is sensitive to changes in temperature. Changes in ambient temperature have an influence on the measurement signal and shifts the operating point. This effect reduces a thermal compensation. Therefore, each pyroelectric element gets an additional optically inactive element, which compensates for unwanted currents.
Low Micro Patented micromechanical chip attachment (LowMicro) by InfraTec to reduce the effects of interfering impact sounds.
Specific Detectivity* As a key parameter, the specific detectivity D* characterizes the signal-to-noise ratio of infrared detectors.
InfraTec Detector Filter Single Channel Detectors
Aperture (mm)
Operating modes
Thermal Compensation
Low Micro
Specific Detectivity*
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LIE-200TO181ø 2.3Current ModeJFETNoNo0.55LIE-200
LIE-202TO181ø 2.3Voltage ModeJFETNoNo4.0LIE-202
LIE-216TO181ø 2.3Voltage ModeJFETYesNo3.0LIE-216
LIE-316TO3915.0 x 5.0Voltage ModeJFETYesNo4.0LIE-316
LME-302TO3915.0 x 5.0Voltage ModeJFETNoYes6.0LME-302
LME-316TO3915.0 x 5.0Voltage ModeJFETYesYes4.0LME-316
LME-335TO3915.0 x 5.0Current ModeOpAmpYesYes6.0LME-335
LME-336TO3915.0 x 5.0Current ModeOpAmpYesYes4.0LME-336

Single supply operation

LME-351TO3915.0 x 5.0Current ModeOpAmpNoYes1.8LME-351
LME-352TO3915.0 x 5.0Current ModeOpAmpNoYes1.5LME-352

Single supply operation

LME-501TO3915.0 x 5.0Current ModenoneNoYesLME-501
LME-551TO3915.0 x 5.0Current ModeOpAmpNoYes2.5LME-551

* in 108 cm√Hz/W (500 K, 10 Hz, 1 Hz BW, 25°C, without window)

** in 108 cm√Hz/W (500 K, 1 kHz, 1 Hz BW, 25°C, without window)

*** at Rfb = 128 GΩ, Cfb=200fF

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