Detector Produc­tion at the Company Headquar­ters in Dresden

The detector production department has all necessary technologies and equipment along with a 1,600 m2 cleanroom at their disposal at the company headquarters in Dresden. With this, we have all competencies gathered up, beginning with the evaporation of LiTaO3 chips and detector assembly to final electro-optical measurements.

Our personnel is familiar with modern techniques of simulation, production and testing as well as with various applications of our infrared detectors. Thus, we produce prototypes, small batches and large quantities with highest quality.

We can guarantee long-term competencies in an ever-changing pyroelectric detector market. High quality also requires good organisation, documentation and investments. These requirements form our core-competencies, which ensure our permanent success in the international market:

Patterning of Lithium Tantalate Wafers

  • Crystal characterisation
  • Vacuum coating
  • Infrared absorbent layer

Spectral Measurements of IR Filters, Characterization and Mounting

  • 100% wafer testing for transmittance, blocking and temperature drift
  • Epoxy adhesive technology for infrared windows and IR filters; soldered windows are available for special applications

Detector Assembly

  • COB in TO metal housings
  • Gold wire bonding at low temperatures
  • Leak-proof sealing of the housings with 99,99 % N2

Final Measurements

  • 100 % burn-in testing, including temperature cycling test
  • 100 % gross leak testing
  • Calibrated measurements for automatic signal- and noise measurements
  • Guaranteed storage of production data for complete verification of safety-relevant applications
Detector Production of InfraTec
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