Pyroelectric Detectors for Gas Sensor Technology

InfraTec cuvette for gas analysis

For gas sensor technology, you can make use of the fact that molecular vibrations of many chemical compounds have fundamental waves in the infrared wavelength range and therefore absorb IR radiation. Each of these compounds has a characteristic absorption spectrum.

An NDIR (non-dispersive IR) gas analyzer consists of an electrically or mechanically modulated IR source, a gas cell and usually a pyroelectric detector. An end value is calculated from the signal voltage of the gas concentration. InfraTec offers a large number of standard IR narrow band filters (NBP), which are optimally tuned to the absorption properties of the gas to be measured. These filters are integrated into the cap of the pyroelectric detector and simplify the development of a complete gas sensor.

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Pyroelectric Detectors for Flame Sensor Technology

In flame sensor technology, pyroelectric detectors detect radiation from burning gases, liquids or solids and can identify them by their characteristic IR spectrum. The typical spectral radiance of burning organic materials such as wood, natural gas, oil or plastics can be detected.

Two independent criteria of a flame are evaluated to exclude a false alarm caused by the sun or other bright light sources (such as arc welding):

  1. A typical flame (in contrast to solar radiation) is characterized by a flicker frequency of 1 ... 5 Hz.
  2. A hydrocarbon flame produces combustion gases of carbon CO and CO2. Their emission bands lie in the infrared spectral range from 4.0 to 4.8 micron wavelengths. In order to obtain a high signal, one uses wide IR band-pass filters as the detector window, which includes both the radiation emission of CO2 and CO.
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