Successful VarioVIEW Presentation at the 2009 Paris MILIPOL Exhibition

As a leading German specialist for thermography InfraTec GmbH presented innovative handheld infrared imagers at world´s largest exhibition for state security. During the presentation of the VarioVIEWTM imagers the combination of high resolution, compact dimensions and a unique, comfortable user interface have been appreciated.

With nearly 20 years of experience in designing and distributing of thermal systems InfraTec once again proved their competence in designing market-driven thermal solutions. Both the VarioVIEWTM 150 and the VarioVIEWTM 75 inspired numerous visitors from police, border guard and other homeland security organizations. Equipped with a high resolution (640 x 480) pixel sensor and high contrast OLED binocular viewfinder both VarioVIEWTM versions convinced with outstanding resolution performance. The visitors praised the benefits of using an uncooled detector – noiseless operation and a low-maintenance long-term usability are major advantages against competitive units. The extremely straightforward user interface allowed all visitors to operate a VarioVIEWTM after a few minutes of simple instructions.

During MILIPOL many new distribution contacts into all continents could be established, this allows a world-wide availability of the VarioVIEWTM imagers. In cooperation with the German “Institut für Thermografie” the new ultra-compact  InfraTec PIR uc 180 thermal camera could be presented in combination with their Variokopter UAV. Depending on the Variokopter version thermal cameras up to 2 kg payload weight can be operated remotely and mobile.

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