InfraTec’s microspectrometer detector with ASIC-control now available

InfraTec is pleased to introduce a new exciting generation of detectors with integrated tunable Fabry-Pérot (FP) filter. The new generation of detectors now features closed loop control driven by an integrated ASIC and EEPROM. Advanced continuous capacitance measurements allow to compensate for the influence of gravity, low frequency vibrations and temperature shifts. The closed loop control greatly improves center wavelength stability under the influence of changing gravity, e.g. by rotating the detectors inside a portable device. Therefore, ΔCWL is only ± 2 nm compared to up to ± 40 nm without closed loop control. The EEPROM contains all important calibration data for the detector operation and therefore, simplifies the component manageability.

For the first time, InfraTec is going to introduce this new detector at the upcoming trade fair „SPIE Photonics West” in San Francisco, CA from 4th – 6th February 2014. The Fabry-Pérot family version driven by an integrated ASIC will be introduced onto the market for all available tuning ranges in the near future. The first in a series of new additions is our LFP-3144C-337. The letter “C” stands for “controlled”. Samples and evaluation kits for our LFP-3144C-337 will be available in Quarter 2, 2014.

Furthermore, the new detector also covers a wider tuning range of 3.1 – 4.4 µm, which – in contrast to the former LFP-3041L-337 – includes the CO2 absorption band at 4.26 µm.

In the near future, our other FPI detectors (LFP-3950L-337 and LFP-80105-337) will also be available with closed loop control.

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