Energy Efficient Microelectronics

Infrared camera VarioCAM® hr head shown in the exhibition „Cool X“

The new exhibition „Cool X – Energy in a digital world“ at the „Technischen Sammlungen Dresden“ focuses on microelectronics and nanotechnology. Visitors can get hands-on access to various exhibits, such as the infrared camera VarioCAM® hr head by InfraTec which is part of the exhibition. This camera has a geometrical resolution of up to (1,280 x 960) infrared pixels and a thermal sensitivity of more than 0.03 K in order to detect even the smallest temperature differences on very small components. Such demanding system requirements are often found in non-contact testing of electronic parts and components in microelectronics. Combined with special infrared close-up lenses or microscopic lenses hotspots can be detected which are within the micrometer range only. In addition, VarioCAM® hr head allows to save and analyze thermographic videos of very fast temperature changes. Based on this exemplary camera installation, the exhibition “Cool X” helps visitors to understand the enormous possibilities being offered by modern thermal imaging technology.

Both, the Cool Silicon Exhibition and the „Technische Sammlungen Dresden“ have designed an exhibition that shows innovations for an energy efficient future of communications and information technology. Those innovative solutions significantly reducing the energy consumption in the field of information and communication technology have been developed by more than 100 cluster partners of “Silicon Saxony”. “Silicon Saxony” is Europe’s largest microelectronic region - the Chemnitz-Dresden-Freiberg region.

With an exhibition area of 440 m2, visitors are given a completely new view of the fascinating world of microelectronics research. Every technology requires energy, and therefore the daily energy consumption steadily increases and at the same time chips used in mobile phones, tablets, or computers are getting smaller. One possibility to reduce the energy consumption is the use of modern thermal imaging technology. Supported by this technology, electronic assemblies and components can be fast and efficiently thermally optimised. This exhibition presents the work of the research cluster “Cool Silicon” using numerous hands-on exhibits with different experimental stations and fascinating experiments.