Surveillance, Remote Sensing and Object Protection: Thermal Imaging Technology in Governmental Use

InfraTec at the GPEC 2014

Again in 2014, InfraTec GmbH will be exhibiting powerful thermal imaging systems at the GPEC (General Police Equipment Exhibition) in Leipzig. A choice of both new and established infrared solutions will be presented at Europe's largest, closed convention for public safety visitors, demonstrating a number of technologies with the ability to solve a variety of tactical challenges.

Awaiting visitors to the InfraTec GmbH booth (Hall 1, Stand C12) will be numerous thermal imaging systems, which can be an indispensable tool for security applications.

With the new ImageIR® 8300/9300 Z from our high-end camera series ImageIR®, InfraTec will present a high-resolution, cooled thermal imaging system with a motorized 30x zoom lens and with the most modern detectors in the format (640 x 512) or even (1,280 x 1,024) IR pixels. The high-performance optics and superior thermal sensitivity of the detectors allows human detection ranges of more than 15 km and more than 18 km for ground vehicle detection. These systems can be configured as stand-alone solutions or integrated in land vehicles, helicopters or maritime platforms.

An absolute highlight in the uncooled thermal imaging systems segment is VarioCAM® High Definition, the world's first mobile radiometric thermal imager with a microbolometer detector in the format of (1,024 x 768) IR pixels. In combination with the unique opto-mechanical MicroScan technology, even infrared image formats of up to (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels can be achieved. With an extensive range of high-quality interchangeable lenses, it is the ideal tool for demanding measurement and reconnaissance tasks such as in forensic science, indoor reconnaissance, remote reconnaissance and observation missions.

The cooled and uncooled thermal imaging cameras in the series ImageIR® and VarioCAM® can be used together with CCTV systems and laser rangefinders in high-performance gyro-stabilized platforms (so-called gimbals), both for ground vehicles or for integration into maritime systems. The outstanding quality of the infrared image data can be combined with the mechanical precision and powerful software interface for fast, flexible, but also semi-automated mission profiles.

Especially for mobile use, the multifunctional compact monocular, Nyxus Bird, is now available in a long-range version with a human-detection range of more than 4 km. This infrared imager can easily be operated comfortably with one hand. Integrated features such as the laser range finder, day vision channel and GPS module complete this thermal imaging camera system.

Be sure to speak to one of our InfraTec application engineers at the GPEC about the thermal imaging application options for use in surveillance, remote sensing and object protection.

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