User Conference "Research & Development" 2019 Dresden

Lectures, technical demonstrations and discussions

On 09 October 2019, interested parties and thermographers from science, industry and law-enforcement authorities took the unique opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of thermography in their specific fields.

On the occasion of the user conference "Research & Development" InfraTec invited to visit the company headquarters in Dresden. Users from different industries presented their thermography applications in interesting lectures. The contributions of the speakers made clear what a versatile measurement method infrared thermography has become in recent years. The presentations served to build bridges between the thermography of electronic components, industrial mass production of automotive body parts and applications in meteorology for a deeper understanding of climate change.

The insight provided into the methodology of experienced users will help the participants to better assess the potential of thermography with regard to their respective requirements in the future. At the accompanying technical exhibition "Experience Thermography Live", InfraTec presented various thermographic systems that are suitable for solving a wide variety of tasks and are convincing in numerous fields of application. In addition to the cooled high-end infrared cameras with fast photon detectors of the ImageIR® series, visitors could also experience the uncooled microbolometer cameras of the VarioCAM® High Definition series live. They also had the opportunity to speak directly with experts about how thermographic systems can be adapted to different areas of application and successfully integrated.