Online Event 2023: Lock‐in Thermography for Inspection of Electronics and Integrated Circuits

Detecting thermal anomalies and local power losses within shortest test times

The inspection of electronic components and assemblies by using active thermography is an established method for troubleshooting and quality assurance – from prototype development to series production. Applying this extremely sensitive method, atypical temperature distributions and hotspots with variations of only few millikelvin can be reliably detected on surfaces of printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and multi‐chip modules without physical contact.

In particular the lock‐in thermography provides highly detailed information during each development step. This information can be essential for the design of complex electronic circuits or assemblies to optimise the thermal management. Active thermography is applied especially in electronics production as a versatile tool: for example, in quality assurance, for permanent monitoring of technological parameters as well as for inline inspection of products in manufacturing.

With the method of lock‐In thermography, local heat sources are generated by defined electrical excitation of an electronic component or assembly. These heat sources originate in regular, but also in irregular (electronic) structures of the component or assembly. Irregular heat sources can be clearly identified by comparing the measured heat pattern with simulations and/or reference patterns based on its locations but also its temperature rise.

Our free of charge InfraTec English online event "Infrared Lock‐In Thermography for Inspection of Electronics and Integrated Circuits" will provide you with more information about lock‐in thermography as a high‐precision measurement method for non‐contact and non‐destructive testing in electronics and electrical engineering.

Online Event: “Infrared Lock‐in Thermography for Inspection of Electronics and Integrated Circuits”

Language: English

Including the technical lecture from thermography practice:
"Challenges and Applications of Thermography in Microelectronics"
Speaker: Marko Hoffmann from Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH & Co. KG

Date: Thursday, 9 February 2023
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CET)

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