Pyroelectric Detectors at a Glance in the Current Catalogue

InfraTec introduces many product innovations in the current issue of the detector catalogue

At its headquarters in Dresden, InfraTec develops and manufactures infrared pyroelectric detectors. Due to the modular design concept of the detectors with approximately 50 standard types, users always get the right solution – optimised for their specific field of application. These infrared detectors are used for high-precision gas analysis, fire and flame sensor technology and spectroscopy.

Novelties in the current product catalogue To provide a complete overview of known and new sensor products, InfraTec has updated the detector catalogue.

In addition to the already established product portfolio, pyroelectric detectors with digital interface – PyrIQ® – have now also found their way into the catalogue. Like all InfraTec detectors, these are based on single-crystal lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) as well. InfraTec's latest development is characterised by significantly simplified system integration, a wide range of setting options for the integrated signal processing and improved electromagnetic compatibility.

Furthermore, the PYROMID® product range has been expanded. With the world's smallest multi channel detector LRM-292 in TO46 housing, another detector with integrated transimpedance amplifier is now available.

In addition to all the new products mentioned, the revised catalogue offers the usual detailed technical explanations of the design and operating principle of pyroelectric detectors, application examples and handling recommendations. It also includes compact data sheets for the detectors and an overview of all available narrowband filters and IR windows.

The catalogue can be requested via e-mail to sensorik[at] or by phone at +49 351 82876-700.

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