Through-glass measurement with infrared thermal imaging

Measurement in Ranges with High Emissivity Reduce Measurement Error

Emissivity values of materials greatly vary throughout the infrared spectrum. Concentrating the thermographic measurements on spectral ranges with an explicitly high or low emissivity can lead to detection of special effects. When spectral filters will be placed in infrared camera systems which only will allow radiation to come through from ranges with high emissivity disturbing background radiation can be minimized.

This method can be used for flame measurements. Thereby temperatures behind the flame will not affect the measurements – neither upwards nor downwards. The same procedure can reduce the effect of the background radiation when measuring thin plastic foils to really measure the foil temperature itself.

thermal imaging of a lamp with a through-glass filter

Measurement of Ranges with High Transmission

Concentrating on spectral ranges at which the transmission of the material is especially high allow for doing thermographic measurements of objects behind the material. The filament of a lamp can be measured without being influenced by the manifold colder glass of the lamp. The same holds true measuring objects behind flames.

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Wide Range of Spectral Filters for Mounting Close to the Detector

InfraTec offers a wide range of special spectral filters for thermographic measurement of the most different materials and applications. Those filters can also be customized. Both the infared camera systems of the ImageIR ® series as well as the long-wave uncooled VarioCAM ® hr head cameras provide facilities for a mounting close to the detector within a filter wheel or a filter slider. The filter wheel of the ImageIR ® models is especially convenient as filters can be changed remotely controlled and motorized. Warm aperture effects caused by a filter position in front of the lens and resulting in possibly big measurement errors can be avoided by such positioning close to the detector being possible in infrared camera systems of InfraTec.

Spectral infrared thermal imaging to monitor the film production

Injection process

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