thermal imaging of a helicopter

Aerospace Sets Highest Demands on Infrared Camera Systems

Measurement tasks of the aerospace industry often require infrared cameras with very high thermal resolutions of 20 mk and/or high frame rate of 100 Hz and more. Thus, for instance, accurate analyses of aero engine’s thermal behaviour are due to high safety and reliability requirements of the aviation authority. Moreover, quality controls of fuselages, wings and rotor blades of aeroplanes, respectively helicopters, can be carried out in form of efficient fault analyses with infrared camera systems.

Control of an aircraft wing

Active Heat Flow Thermography for Testing Composite Materials

In particular, the application of light and robust composite materials and other lightweight construction processes of the aerospace industry requires an accurate quality control. For this purpose, active heat flow thermography is increasingly used for the production. Various activation and analysis systems allow efficient fault analyses with fast and high-resolution infrared cameras, even inside materials or the construction.

Case Studies about Aerospace Industry

ARAMIS system from GOM - Picture credits: GOM GmbH
Further information about ARAMIS system from GOM and infrared cameras from InfraTec

Combination of Digital Image Correlation and Thermographic Measurements

The combination of measuring results from the digital image correlation (ARAMIS, DIC) and temperature measuring data from infrared cameras permits the simultaneous analysis of the thermal and mechanical behavior of test specimens in the materials and components testing field.

Inline Process Control for Quality Assurance of Weld Seams - TU Ilmenau
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Inline Process Control for Quality Assurance of Weld Seams

Miscellaneous welding tasks in steel constructions currently have a low degree of automation, resulting in a high amount of manual work and employee-dependent quality levels. As part of the 3dStahl collaborative project, a 6-axis robot, equipped with a welding machine, was attached upside down to a wall-to-wall wire rope hoist kinematics system in order to automate joining processes involving small quantities or even individual parts such as large-scale objects (lock gates, bridges).

Publications of our Customers

INNOVATIONSFORUM PATHE 2 - Passive Thermografie als zerstörungsfreies Prüfverfahren thermisch gefügter Bauteile (Language: German)

First publication: Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt Halle GmbH, 09/2017

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Infrared Cameras by InfraTec Solve Customer Problems

Due to its thermography solutions, InfraTec was able to acquire customers, such as the German Aerospace Center or the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS). Contributions to this were high thermal resolutions of the infrared camera series VarioCAM® and the high-end camera series ImageIR®.

thermal imaging of an Airbus A380

Moreover, ImageIR® infrared camera systems can reach a remarkable speed of more than 10 KHz forming the basis of certain process analyses. Apart from the quality of infrared camera systems, engineers have been coping with another great challenge - the cameras’ integration. Thus, clients benefit from customized and optimally integrated solutions which the modern and efficient thermographic software IRBIS® 3 is also part of.

Associated Thermographic Automation Solutions

  • Automation InfraTec INDU-SCAN - In-process industrial temperature measurement
    Process Control - INDU-SCAN

    Process Control - INDU-SCAN

    Contactless measurement of temperature distributions and profiles with industrial thermographic cameras permits efficient monitoring and control of temperature-dependent processes and procedures within a system-integrated quality assurance programme in industry.

  • Welding seams and welding spots testing with WELD-CHECK
    Welding Inspection - WELD-CHECK

    Welding Inspection - WELD-CHECK

    Using pulse thermography, WELD-CHECK enables you a quantitative assessment of the inspected welds.

  • Thermographic automation for brake test benches TRC - Picture Credits: © / ktsimage
    High-Speed Rotation Test Bench - TRC

    High-Speed Rotation Test Bench - TRC

    Check for long-life fatigue strength of mechanical components in load tests, using high-end infrared cameras.

  • Automated Testing Solution ACTIVE-LIT - Header - Picture Credits: © / scorpp
    Electronic / Semiconductor Testing - E-LIT

    Electronic / Semiconductor Testing - E-LIT

    Detect inhomogeneous temperature distribution and local power loss during the production using the Lock-in thermography.

  • Thermografic automation for site surveillance IROD
    Site Surveillance - IROD

    Site Surveillance - IROD

    Calibrated measuring cameras offer the option of a completely automated site surveillance by utilising temperature alarms – an approach well beyond the simple and susceptible motion detection systems used elsewhere. With IROD InfraTec offers a scaleable, powerful system solution.

Infrared Cameras for Aviation